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Dungeon Crawlers!

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Fallen Hero 5 Points

A Dungeon Crawler died in the dungeon.

First Floor! 10 Points

Finished the first level.

Read The Manual 10 Points

You read the how to section

Five Floor Run! 25 Points

You have made it past the first five levels.

TPK 25 Points

Kill both of the dungeon crawlers at the same time.

Dungeon Cleared! 50 Points

You have finished all levels.

Speed Run 50 Points

Complete a level in 50 seconds or less.

Kevin won't get this 100 Points

Finish the game without dying

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Made for the Newgrounds Game Jam 9 and inspired by the tile manipulation from this screenshot: http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/test-object/fak e-screenshot?context=rati ngs:etm.tags:screenshotja m.offset:26

The dungeon crawlers have found a dungeon to raid. Unfortunately the dungeon crawlers are the worst dungeon raiders in history. They can't spot traps or monsters and will need your help to get through the dungeon alive.

Place tiles from your inventory into the dungeon to aid the crawlers. Tiles affect the top and bottom screen so be careful that you don't save on crawler only to endanger another.
If you have no tiles that will help you can always call on the swap tile function to switch a top tile to the bottom screen and vice versa, but the swap tile has a small cooldown so don't expect it to save the crawlers in every situation.

Select tiles from your inventory by clicking on them. Place tiles into the dungeon by clicking on the desired location.

Collect the dark chests to get points and the light chests to get more tiles for your inventory, assuming it isn't full already. Place tiles over monsters to kill them for points.

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Too difficult the only one who has the first five levels completed medal unlocked is the author......which should tell you something.....
The second level starts out like Starevil on Action 52 where you need to reaction time of a boxer in order to stop yourself from dying

Since you used the same screenshot as we did, I decided to review yours first! Reading many of the reviews below, I feel many NGers can really be nicer. This happens in all game jams, so don't get discouraged by them!

The first thing is that I TOTALLY LOVE your concept! Never have I seen anything like it before. To me, having a great game idea is the hardest thing in game development, maybe even harder than fixing bugs!

The difficulty was, of course, the most important problem with your game. I suggest implementing a lives or HP system of some sort. Also, you might consider adding some wildcard tiles that go both to the top and to the bottom. Also, you shouldn't add so many obstacles in the beginning. Consider making an easy tutorial level instead of a how-to section. A tutorial level gives people the sense that they've achieved 'something', and will encourage them to KEEP PLAYING! Keep the hard levels to the middle of the game!

All in all, game jams are about prototyping new ideas or, as Austin always says, 'rapidly create video game designs and inject new ideas into the industry'. I think you've done a great job at that. Congrats! :)

Pure stupid bullshit of the hell. That's the short way to say what MadRaven360 said.

This game is rock hard, but a great idea and well-executed.
Keep 'em coming!

This is just poorly thought out.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2013
5:32 PM EDT