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This is an animation to the song "Hulkulele" by Nuclear Bubble Wrap, who can be found in the authors section.

This took about a month and I think it's my best yet. Hope you guys feel the same. However if you don't, let me know in a civilized manner in the comment boards so I can see why.

Thanks a bunch, NGers.
Take it easy!

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I enjoyed the song all around stuperb

Really good stuff here

So this was a really nice "MUSIC-VIDEO" and the animation flowed very well and the characters have a nice likeness to there counterparts, the music really drove this film but the animation and art was really nice and it was nice seeing all these different classic characters, So with this one I see no need for any change you did an awsome job here and was pleased with the whole video here, so really nice work.

I see no need for any change you did an awsome job here and was pleased with the whole video here


this made me fall for the hulk even more loved every thing about it

WooleyWorld responds:

Thanks. Glad it had that effect. ^_^

HOBO is in this!

WooleyWorld responds:

He's in most things WooleyWorld.. :p

This is my story right there, except in this case, with drums instead of the ukulele. Heck, even my parents made fun of me, made jokes that (they probably didn't realise) insulted me rather than encourage me, and at one point, told me to the face that I'd never be a good drummer, or worth anything. The same hurtful things were said with regards to my dream to become a musician, in general.

There are many others who go through the same things that I do and would love to hear at least one encouraging word. While the video is well-animated and has some little gags, I hope that at least some of us can draw comfort from it. At least in our hearts, we can hope for someone to give us the little lift that we need.....

I have favourited this video long ago, but I just want to let you know still that this is well done.


WooleyWorld responds:

You cool cat, thank you so kindly.
I'm glad you can dig it.