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Lost Astronuts

rated 2.88 / 5 stars
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Jul 1, 2013 | 10:19 PM EDT

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Author Comments

You play as Astronuts that land on the lonely planet after his spaceship crashed. Your main mission is exploring the planets - find some element - built new element - create something to fix the spaceship - fly home to the earth. You have to combine one or two element, and sometime you need some tools to make the new element

*made in 22 hours for a gamejam challenge - so it's far for perfect



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You need to have an easy way to maintain power, and oxygen, that does not involve a lot of risky guessing, I was able to get up to seed, plating, water, magnet, glass before I ran out of ideas, and had to use the walk-through, afraid to use power, or oxygen because I could not afford to, I'd suggesting adding something like a hand cranked generator that you would have to actively use, it looks like only the first placed item actually works, and I can find no way to defend against aliens, you really need to look at how the aliens attack as well, their projectiles seem to move closer when I move relative to me (or perhaps the ship) rather then relative to the planet, or even relative to the background, the recipies are a bit to specific for the very limited amount of input you have, it's clear enough why the ones that work work, but it is unclear why some that don't don't, and the cost of being wrong is a bit high for trial and error, but it was still a fun game, and will probably be even better once you sort out some of the issues

wandah responds:

Thanks for the feedback, since i made it in very less of time (approx 22 hours) there are some balancing thing that i can't do.

About the alien actually if you made a GUN or GREEN CANNON, you can fight back by shooting it (with mouse click).


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

i cant walk


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I can appreciate the story well enough, but the rest of this game is very boring. Having absolutely no music or sound is a huge detraction and the game play is tedious at best. The first things I would try to add to this game are sound effects and music to make it a little less dull. I usually like the element combination games, but with the platforming feature that you have here, it is very disappointing that you do not have an element of exploration. If you could combine the combination puzzle with some cool space exploration, this game would be much more interesting.

wandah responds:

thanks, i will consider it on the next game.
About the sound, this game was made for game jam challenge and i already spend 22 hours of 24 available. So, i need more time for sound ;) I will make another game with sound on my next game.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is awesom i little bit do not understand what im suppose to made to repair the ship but i like those graphic and this type of alchemy i like too :)
Nice game.
I giving you 5 stars i dont give you negative points because i do not understand what im really suppose to made but if you can repair that like ''my ship need engine or somethink like this it will be easyer.
this game should pass but how i sad(like say but in past sentense) make some hints
WARNING---My grammar can be fearsome XD---

wandah responds:

thanks, I will add more guide in my next game. thanks for 5


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game is so great but it's just not for me. It has a doodle god style which is awesome for some people and I'm sure this game will be really popular however I prefer games with more of a story line. If you added a story line to help you make all of these items it would be 5 star worthy. Thanks for the great submission though!

wandah responds:

thanks for the feedback. I will add more storyline on my next project.