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Comic Book Cody

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Help Cody retrieve his comic book collection back from the evil burglars! Run, jump, and fight as Cody and his favorite super heroes across 36 unique levels, amongst three regions. These regions include a forest, shopping mall, and secret lair! Each region concludes with a challenging boss fight versus a super villain that only Cody can stop!

Try earning a golden comic book in each level! Only the most skilled of players will be able to, but the challenge will keep many coming back for more!

Run with arrow or WASD keys. Up or W to jump. Use your super powers with space bar or by clicking your mouse. Collecting all of the comics in a given level will transform you into one of three super heroes, allowing you to then eliminate all enemies.

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Good game though the music is kinda repetitive. Would have love to seen more powers but oh well.

loved this!

This is pretty good. As a game it's well done. Music, controls, gameplay were all spot on. I did notice a glitch where occasionally if I got hit by Volcano Man's fireballs while on the ledges to the left or right I could get knocked into the ground and have to restart the level. I liked the bosses. In fact, I wish there were more because otherwise the game was a bit repetitive.

Overall this is a fine game. I'll give it a 4 out of 5. I'd give it a 5 if there were a wider variety of levels or some puzzles that required the superhero power to finish the level. As it stands now, the powers are extra really, and don't add much to the gameplay, except in boss battles.

I feel like this game has a lot of potential. You've limited it to a simple one screen timed puzzle game, but I see good controls, power ups, and good bosses. I feel like it could be a very good platformer.

Awesome graphics and great concept very nice job!

very fun and creative! i like it! but when the bombs are thrown i see a white outline , might want to fix that...