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The Ruins of Machi Itcza

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Since a lot of people complained about slowdown I removed a visual filter from the game that might have caused this in older/cheap computers. Could be the game is just slow by design, idk. Let me know.

ARROWS or WASD to move
[M] to view map
[R] to go to save point
[S] to mute

I've had the idea for this game for ages but I never got around to actually making it till now. I hope you can figure out what it's all about.

A big thanks to Andrew Gleeson for doing the music.


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Love this metroidvania game. The old school design, colors and music were spot on. I liked the built-in map feature. The save points were well placed. :) Movement was excellent and jumping was ethereal. My little man seemed to have a floaty quality. Some of the challenges in the grey/white screens were very challenging but doable. There was one room I could not figure out how to enter at all, (last column and about 3 screens from bottom) but I still somehow managed to finish the game. Awesome effort and creativity was put into this little gem. I love it! Thank you so much!

great retro game.

[Some spoilers]
I personally love this game. The simple style gives it a nostalgic view, while creating a strong atmosphere. The use of colour is well done, it gives a feeling of being nowhere, far from civilization. The platforming was pretty good; even though it was simple, it's clear that the game wasn't about agile dodging but exploring. The continuous use of infinite maps makes it feel well thought out. You used a lot (maybe too many?) save points, and the key collecting was really cool, although as someone earlier pointed out, showing on the map the keys you've seen might've been a nice addition. The hearts were cool too, but maybe giving them some kind of (secret) purpose would make it more rewarding for the player. (The different usage of blocks only for the hearts is great!) Like other people also pointed out, maybe making the character a bit faster might be a nice change, although I did not have a problem with his current speed. Not much to say about the map, other than well done. The music is really fitting, and the overall increasing glitchiness of both the music and the environment really builds towards the ending, which I personally love; it gives the feeling of a cursed place, and the pointless pursuit of the ultimate treasure.
One question (out of curiosity): why did you remove the achievements? I remember there being two or three.
Long story short: I really like your game, keep up the good work!

This game was already made called REDDER, with better story and gameplay. I don't see why you don't mention redder in the description and instead try to take the credit for the entire REDDER game that you ripped off.

A very odd yet good retro game!!!!