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A Thug in Time Intro

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A thug in time is a game centering on Kai, his violent past, and the role he will play in preventing or causing the destruction of the world.

Story - Destructamobile
Cutscene art and animation - Kevin Tan (boybogart)
Voice overs:

Narrator and Votan - Gianni Matragrano (http://giannimatragrano.
Kai - Patrick Seymour

This is a game intro I made last year, the game itself finally being released on July 16!

Check out the gameplay footage and screenshots on the developer's website:
http://www.destructamobil e.com/athugintime.html

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I don't know why, but for some reason I thought this would be a comedy. I guess it's just because I've been watching a lot of those recently. I wasn't expecting it to be so serious! It was just amazing to see this great animation. This really did have a great story for it too.

I also loved the atmosphere. I thought this was a reference to the Mayan 2012 apocalypse. It seems too late to support that now. At least it was still unique. I think it deserved its, uh, Daily 2nd Place.

nice reminds me of the Transformers:)

That escalated quickly LOL but amazing concept, graphics, and lots of story potential. Will be looking out for your future works! Only problem I see here is the speed in which you deliver!

Incredible. Really just incredible. All the best for your future works!

this looks really good but the progression of the story was kinda rushed and personally i would like to see this as a series