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Lemming Rescue

rated 2.96 / 5 stars
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Puzzles - Falling

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Jun 30, 2013 | 2:48 PM EDT

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You are part of the LSPA (Lemming Suicide Prevention Agency) and it is you're job to catch the lemmings when they jump off the cliff. Make sure you don't catch any rabid lemmings or rocks if you want to get a good score!

*LATEST UPDATE BUG* - Title does not appear when first entering main menu.

*1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY UPDATE* - Exactly one year since Lemming Rescue was released. Almost at 2000 views!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

to mach blood in my face!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

So, awesome game, super duper excellent and all, in fact the world has been made that little bit better because of the lemmings we now rescue. However, little glitch... when the game is paused, apparently the lemmings don't stop forming, and you end up with a shower of animals afterwards which are evidently impossible to all catch, so the screen goes red and basically my computer died. Other than the whole dying thing, PAT ON THE BACK GUYS *High Five*

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is brilliant, pure genius. I'd go as far as to say that this game is the best thing that's ever happened in my life. In fact, I maybe as well jump off a cliff myself, since nothing will ever bring me close to this visceral feeling of life contentment again. If this game was a potato, it would be basted in goose fat and baked in an oven for 50 minutes, being turned occasionally, until perfectly crispy and browned, with a white, fluffy centre.

There are three things you could do to make it super sooth though. Firstly the blood could fade a tad quicker (just a tad, mind) and sometimes when you press esc the blood stays up on the screen and you need to press esc again to clear it. Secondly the music doesn't loop. Thirdly I agree with TheNDGhost that a mute option would be good.

Otherwise I love the graphics, the music, the concept, the challenge and I really enjoy the scoring system. I like that the game doesn't end until you want it to. I think it's great having your own top score showing at all times because it encourages you to keep going and beat it. I've fallen deeply in love with the lemming that's caught in the title sequence and I think you should make merch. lemming dolls so that I can buy one and take care of it myself.


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CactusGaming responds:

Thanks for such an awesome response! I have to say, in all my time spent on forums, social networks and game websites I have never once come across a game being described as a well cooked potato but I guess there's a first for everything! We do actually have a new patch update which allows you to skip the video at the beginning, change the volume of the music and sound effects and Danny is working hard on trying to fix the bug that keeps the blood from disappearing when you save your score. There are still a few more things to add to the upcoming patch but it will hopefully soon be out :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like this game a lot. I thought the opening video animation was hilarious as is the concept. The music is perfect and the graphics are are really funny. I found it very challenging, definitely not an easy one, but I'm not one to blame a game, rather my own ability, if I find it challenging. Perhaaaaps if you were to make it more accessible it would be good to include different difficulty levels. As I see it, there's three things that make it really difficult - 1) the fact that the basket accelerates as opposed to moving linearly which makes it hard to judge how long to press for 2) the frequency of rocks and rabid lemmings and 3) the frequency of rocks and rabid lemmings that fall just after a good lemming.. the last two are very similar but should definitely be considered separately because it's the third one that always gets you. If you were to create different levels I'd do it with consideration to these points. As it is, I'd say it was top difficulty rating but like TheNDGhost said that's definitely not a bad thing. TheNDGhost managed to get 150 (incredibly) so it's definitely a playable game and as I said I love the concept and it seems to have been developed really competently. Keep up the good work guys.

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CactusGaming responds:

Thanks for the great response! It's really nice to get such positive comments like this one and it's also good that you went into so much detail, when describing features of the game. This game is still a working progress and although we believe it is fun and tidy enough to be playable, we are planning on adding things like upgrade shops and a story mode that contains different difficulty levels that you complete one by one. But once again thanks for the comment and kind rating :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I think the game is quite enjoyable. Its got a smug satisfaction when you succeed. You only get that because the game is hard, because it is more than happy to punish your mistakes. I got 91 at one point before being hit by a rock! That determination to always get higher makes it addictive. That punishment for being hit by a rock makes it my kind of game. This is not a game for people that enjoy getting very high scores easily.

Whilst its true that the basket movements can be erratic and buggy occasionally, many of the things others said just don't seem to be true to me. I don't think that the basket is too unpredictable, after experimenting I found that the hit box on the small lemmings is about the same as for the rabid lemmings and rocks. It may seem smaller, but that is just because they are a smaller target, I could catch a small lemming from the same as a large one.

The theory that you have to sacrifice 4-5 lemmings to save 1 is utter nonsense. It happens, but it isn't anywhere near as common as claimed. I usually sacrifice 1, maybe 2 lemmings, then catch 3-4 in a row. and frankly, if you let that many lemmings die consistently, how can you even see through the blood?

The blood is a nice touch I have to say. Adds incentive to take risks and try to catch more lemmings than you let die. Camping around waiting for a safe lemming and never taking gambles would be entirely possible, and the best method for high scores. The blood splatter takes that away, making the game more difficult if you let too many lemmings die in quick succession.

This game has a high difficulty level and a desire to punish the player. That is not a bad thing. We need more difficult games. I believe that once the bugs in this game are ironed out, it will deserve a higher rating.

I would also request an option to mute the game be included. The sound is somewhat entertaining, but not everybody will appreciate it and they should have an easy way to mute it, your soundtrack also doesn't loop, something to look at.

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CactusGaming responds:

Dude. I am so glad you like the game so much! Me and Danny have been working on it for quite a while and to get such a detailed positive response is awesome! This post has totaly made my day and it seems the only reason I'm not so pleased with you is that you in fact beat my high score :P but I will keep on trying to beat your high score even if it kills me!