Super Invaders

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10 Enemies Killed 5 Points

10 Enemies Killed

Upgrade Bought 5 Points

Upgrade Bought

100 Enemies Killed 10 Points

100 Enemies Killed

25 Upgrades Bought 10 Points

25 Upgrades Bought

1000 Enemies Killed 25 Points

1000 Enemies Killed

All Upgrades Bought 25 Points

All Upgrades Bought

Boss Reached 25 Points

Boss Reached

Boss Killed 50 Points

Boss Killed

Great Score 50 Points

Score more then 25000

Awesome Score 100 Points

Score more then 50000

Author Comments

Game updated!
- Autofire
- Magnet upgraded
- Income upgraded
- Alien bullets are not like coins any more
- Fixed bug with turret angle and fire
- New animations on background
Thanks for comments!

Exciting colorful shooter with sole heroic tank defending Earth from alien invasion. Collect coins and upgrade your tank to reach alien boss ship and destroy it! Inspired by Space Invaders, includes many types of UFO, weapons and upgrades.
Use mouse to aim and shoot aliens, A and D or arrow keys to move tank, 1-5 or Q and E to switch weapons.

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props for making space invaders interesting

Wow Intense game

Now I can see why this one won some "AWARDS" and well worth it right from the "START" its fun fast paced medals are not hard, the game plays fairly easy and again very fun, the "UPGRADES" are pretty plentyfull, Just wondering if theres an easier way to switch off weapons even space bar would be a good option, I have had a fun time with this game, I had fun with this one and spent a good time with it trying to earn a few medlas very fun indeed.

Just wondering if theres an easier way to switch off weapons even space bar would be a good option.


great games please make more like this in different versions I played for 5 hours straight its to fun

Alright everyone calm your tits.

This is a decent game, a good one I dare say. And yes it is not for wussies and casuals.

I am all for hardcore difficulty in games but damn, people who made this game took it to a whole new level.

While I am writing this review, beads of sweat are still rolling down my back and my face and my chair is completely drenched. The air is filled with ass smell.

Congrats on that one guys, you really caught my attention until the boss fight. Oh, thanks for the boos fight button (that I only noticed after my third retry), I was about to hurl the computer out of the window.

I seriously do hope that you did play your own game because if I am the only one who struggled big time then I am truly too old for this shit.

This mini game has a serious balancing problem:
-laser is utter shit until the end and the upgrades are WAY too much expensive
-magnet collector is a joke
-guided rockets are too slow as well
-hitboxes are unforgivable (especially on the boss fight)

The only good weapon, in my opinion, remains the canon. Good firepower and good damage. The machinegun is alright (only at the start of the game though).

That kind of game is not my specialty but I wanted to give it a try and I succeeded but oh boy do my fingers hurt.

Yet I had fun, the graphics are good because of their simplicity, colours are alright in my book and the sfx/music is bearable (only muted after 2 hours into the game).

Not five stars because I really had to force myself to remain calm and make it through the end.

Overall you did good guys, congrats and I hope you did test your game until the end. You should have seen the problems that I mentioned otherwise you are pure cyborgs killing machines with mad reflexes and I am a mere human.

Casuals, word of advice, you might wanna steer clear out of this game.

This Game is very much perfect. The weapons all remain useful until nearly the very end, with the exception of the machine gun. (Maybe make it's bullets travel faster at higher levels and slow down the Shotgun's bullets? Or give it a slightly higher spread and greater rate of fire?)

The weapon upgrades are quadratic functions, which means it is not wise to just upgrade the "best" weapon. All of them have their use, even if you fully upgraded the laser, you'll still need the rockets or still want the shear unbeatable firepower of the cannon.

Finally the waves of Enemies are preprogrammed and remain engaging. You sometimes need not only wait until you can afford the next upgrade, but also need to think of strategy. I also liked that you needed to learn the hard way that some enemies could shield others.

All in all I have to say: Nearly Perfect. If you can get the minigun to stay useful after the shotgun and the cannon are fully upgraded it will be. Maybe you could introduce a small fast moving and annoying enemy, who can only really be killed by placing streams of bullets in it's path.

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2013
4:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
  • Daily Feature July 1, 2013