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Pikmin Tree

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Oh no, a video game parody, I'm such a sell-out! Heh, no. I wouldn't call this a parody, but an homage to the amazing video game series Pikmin. The third Pikmin game is coming out soon so here's my appropriately punny celebration, plus I find that there aren't enough Pikmin animations on Newgrounds. I've put a lot of work into this over the past couple weeks so I hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated as it only helps me get better as an artist. Also, check out the cool fullscreen button. All that said, enjoy!

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This needs to be a thing in pikmin 4! I thought Olimar's reaction to the tree was priceless, and the way you animated a typical day of Pikmin was very smooth. Great job!

Best Pikmin animation I ever saw

I thought this was funny.

The animation has most certainly improved over time as this piece proves. The way things just seem more animated in the background and as Olimar is going about his day on the Pikmin's planet was good. Although I feel adding shadows under the ships would have been nice, same goes for the Tree Pikmin (do you encounter those in the game?).

The plot was good. I thought it was funny how they planted a tree and turned out to be a giant Pikmin. Long story short, it decides to follow Olimar as the red Pikmin are doing and ends up crushing (possibly killing) Olimar by accident. Could have been funny if you added in what the Tree Pikmin's response was in my opinion.

The audio was nice, nothing too original as everything but the credit music came from the Pikmin games. The credit music was pretty and sounded nice.

Overall, improving and looking good.

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artistunknown responds:

I'm still a bit hesitant with adding shading in my animations, since the process takes a bit of time, but looking back, shadows under the ships and pikmin would have greatly improved this and it wouldn't have taken much more time. And no, you don't encounter any Tree Pikmin, that was just my own little idea to have a punny title.
I'm glad the plot was good. This was my first non-dialog-driven animation, and it was really experimental. I know it could have been a bit funnier, but I wasn't really trying to make it funny to begin with :3.
And the credits music wasn't original either, though an original arrangement of a song from another game, heh.
Thank you for the review, I'll keep on improving with each new animation!

That's the second time in one week I see a parody/homamge for Pikmin. Strange, since I never even heard of the game before (hey, my last Nintendo console is the SNES!). Since I don't know anything about the game I cannot compare this animation to the game or the franchise.

Anyway, the animations are pretty good here and you put a lot of effort into the graphics. While they seem a bit rough here and there, I appreciate the effort you put into drawing the scenes with various characters and also with different backgrounds in the single scenes.
You also put in some of the original music (I know that because I read the credits ;) ), which is always a nice touch. Nothin could be worse than a hommage that uses a completely different musical score.

I also like the small jokes you put in here, like the blue guy getting knocked over and landing face first in a puddle. The punchline at the end was nice too, but since I don't know anything about the games I might not find it as funny as someone who does know the games.

I didn't like the transitions between the scenes. The fadeouts where a bit too long for my liking.

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artistunknown responds:

It sounds like all my effort paid off. I really did put a lot of work into this, and I'm glad all the little details and jokes were noticed. Looks like i still need to work on my line quality and transitions a bit. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!

Interesting. I thought the little jokes were entertaining, I get that it's not meant to be super omg funny. I was sort of waiting for Olimar to try to throw the tree pikmin, haha. As far as artwork goes, I really enjoyed it. I think everyone always compares people to the big names in our little animation community so their expectations are ridiculous (aint nobody got time for that). So, keep up the good work!

artistunknown responds:

Oh man, I never even thought about Olimar trying to throw the tree pikmin. Him getting crushed while trying to throw it probably would have been funnier than getting stepped on... Not to late to use that joke in a second Pikmin animation though... :3
I did put a lot of effort into the art on this one. I honestly think that a tribute to Pikmin has to have amazing art because Pikmin is a very visually appealing game. Of course I did cut a few corners and the art could have been a lot better, but I think it's good for what it is. Thanks for the review!