Super Gully World

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Mario has faced countless dangers from the various enemies he has fought over the years, but none of them have taken him down. That is until a rogue Seagull decides to nab one his precious mushroom power ups. Let the devastation commence!

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pretty cool, gotta love mario spoofs

This was actually pretty amusing once things got rolling with that seagull completely destroying everyone in its path. Until that point, it was the kinda sprite animation that makes people hate sprite animation; just plain lazy...just a lifeless body bounding around. Mario's hat had more going for it as a static object, but the little man should be visibly scrambling and hopping along his way, however briefly it would be. A giant bird ripped WORLD 1-1 apart, surely adding some hustle & hop frames to Mario wouldn't take long.

Nothing so amazing. But pretty nice. Also i go a question : Why mario have white face ? Is he drunk ?

Nice animation. Though, i wonder why the seagull? I mean it doesn't make much sense nor reference to use a seagull. What if the koopa or the gumba got the mushroom instead? Or the coin got the mushroom. Something like that.
I know it can be a funny "what if", but it seemed a bit random. Then again, that's just my personal opinion.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2013
6:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody