Sewer Escape 2

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They are a greedy group of hamsters that ate radioactive food. An accident? Armed with new intelligence and a sophisticated lab, they start looking towards the outer space. What lies above, will be revealed after this final experiment!

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A lot of missclicks...
And I think that hitbox of coins is too small or else problem, a lot of coins are not taken when you move the mouse on.
Good concept, but too long and a little buggy.

The screen feels to cluttered for comfort. It's just not appealing to play. I don't feel comfortable playing this game at all and I think it's the overall appearance of trying to fit everything at once. The game doesn't listen when I click and I wish I knew where the coins were at prior to launching because it's better than blindly guessing which is all you do in this game.

kostea responds:

Thanks for passing by. The thing is you are looking for another type of game and this is not the one for sure :). If you are clicking on the browser tabs, the game won't listen. You have to click on the hamster to make it work :).

It's a shame that there are game like these that are so well done that it takes attrition to realize the terrible flaws in the core mechanics. It's impossible to see what's in front of you, which often proves a fatal error when you ricochet straight down due to an unseen obstacles. Similarly, it's impossible to anticipate the location of powerups that are crucial to success. Even if we had warning for those, we're often incapable of steering in the right direction. Collecting coins is no easy feat, as the projectile rodent is far less useful than collecting by cursor, which is usually occupied in a mad panic to survive. The missions quickly become either nearly impossible (17, only possible with almost full upgrade), or very long and boring (19). And as soon as you get above the buildings, you are suddenly expected not to touch the sides, when you can barely control your direction at all.
On top of that, the recurring pointing hand above the shop button is very obnoxious when there is already a clear indicator when items are available.
It's certainly a well-made game, just not necessarily a well-designed one.

kostea responds:

Thank you for your feedback! It's not an easy game, if we would want it that way, we would've done a different game engine. As all not-easy games, it has a trick to be found so you can keep the hamster safe. The "secret" is not to go into the panic to survive but keep calm and take small steps to freedom. You don't have to keep click click click to go as far as you can, but to click, wait until the hamster gets into a calm state at the middle of the screen and then click again. If you rush, you lose :). Thank you again for your time :).

Mission #11 - Use the safety button. Help! I can't find it!

kostea responds:

You can find it in the lower-left side of the screen, a big red button when you lose Kenny (after you buy the Rescue Kenny upgrade, of course). Thank you!

This is a good fun game. I love the story line and the cute pictures as well as the music. The gameplay wasn't too hard but is still challenging enough. I also like the missions which give a bit more meaning and challenge to this. Good job! :)

kostea responds:

Thank you very much!

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3.04 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2013
10:19 AM EDT
Skill - Toss
  • Daily 4th Place June 28, 2013