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Uplink Saga - 003

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I don't like the sprite dimensions used. I think it makes it clear that we are playing with sprites. You may want to take some example from some of the best Sprite RPGs, the pace inside a house is just bare enough to hold the characters interacting. If you need it to be larger, you must make different rooms. Usually the room should not be large enough to keep more than five characters in it.

I hope the artist take some notice of my proportion suggestions, as I think he is doing a good job with dialogue and voice acting.

I recommend you give this a shot.

Getting better! ahahaha FUCK YOU, it's more porn!!! lmfao

XD porn
Towel :The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy XD
This is awesom voice is awesom and its funny I like it XD

i take porn with me wherever I go...

i like seemed like one of the British comedy shows, super slap stick and dry but still funny. I laughed at the three chests full of porn and the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy joke.