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Drunk Batman and Robin 6

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Here is the 6th episode in our ongoing Drunk Knight animated series. Batman, Robin, Green Arrow, and Jason Todd are all summoned for a Justice League Reunion party with all the rest of the Super Friends, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and more. Batman gives the low down to Todd, while Dick gets hammered and makes an ass of himself. So come on by enjoy the fun. And be sure to check out our other episodes as well too.

Created By Spencer Scott Holmes and Ryan Dunigan.
Special Guest Voice Nora Chambers.
Old Man Orange Productions 2013 - OldManOrange.com

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Good to know Cyborgs still cool :D

oldmanorange responds:


This is pretty hilarious, animation wasn't that well done and neither was the voice acting but its still funny as shit.

oldmanorange responds:

Glad you enjoyed

funny as fuck

oldmanorange responds:

That's what I like to hear!

That wasn't very funny. I understood the jokes, they just were not funny. The animation wasn't very good at all but worse than that was the art. I'm sorry but the drawing looks infantile and the colours were all so bright and clashing. Also the pupil-less Robin's voice hurt my ears. Sorry.

oldmanorange responds:

Well at least you stopped by. Not everythings for everybody.

Shadokin7 took the words right out of my

oldmanorange responds: