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GET THE BUNDLE: http://www.commonly.cc
This post-copyright campaign ends soon, on July 15!

Pay What You Want for art & music from:
1. HalcyonicFalconX, musician of the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
2. Jimp, artist of the Sushi Cat series.
3. NutcaseNightmare, creator of the :The Game: series.
4. Stratkat, whose music was featured in Beat Hazard Ultra.
5. Kenney, artist of Armor Picross.
6. Mindchamber, artist of Newgrounds Rumble.

Furthermore, if we hit our goal of $10000, after the campaign ends on July 15, everything in the bundle will automatically be released to the public domain. You can, of course, still pay to get instant access to the bundle, rather than waiting, if you so choose.

This is an experiment.

No matter what happens, hopefully this will push more people to try funding our creative commons!



"You have some gall to say that corporations only use copyrights to get money by locking down other people's work while you're offering to give up your copyrights to get a small fraction of what those corporations make!" -- way too many reviews.

you have some gall to say that corporations only use copyrights to get money while you're trying to use your copyrights to get $10,000.

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Sounds like a fantastic idea!

This is great, and I fully support your efforts. When our country was founded, the original copyright period was for 28 years. This was only to give the artist a period in which to sell their materials before the public domain beat them to it, which they should have a right to. It's amazing to see how many people misinterpret this message, but that's what you get these days on the internet. Society grows best when we work together, and fails fastest when we give in to greed and horde our ideas for ourselves. I give those who disagree the example of Linux, a completely open-sourced program, non-profit, that now runs 1 in 4 web-servers. Countless studies show that people work more efficiently when they are doing something they truly believe in for the public good, and not something they are doing for themselves to make profit.

Let's say goodbye to corporate greed and start believing in the power of the public.

I don't want any of the stuff in that bundle. Why? Like RPG maker sprites, a bunch of people are going to be using it if it becomes popular. I can make my own art and while it won't always original (it's damn hard to make something original these days) it will be unique. I can't make music but I can hire someone to compose a unique song for my project. The only thing I would use these for are placeholders.

RPG maker sprites and those free-to-use songs technically look and sound nice but because you see and hear them everywhere, they become boring and cheap.

And your "no copyright" message doesn't make any sense. Copyright has a damn good reason for existing. Also you have some gall to say that corporations only use copyrights to get money while you're trying to use your copyrights to get $10,000.

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