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Evolution Heroes

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Evolution Heroes is a game about most popular old-school heroes and evolution sequence. You should help to get out of the ground and mutate to human. There 6 different character with their weapon and feature. Created special for LD24 in 2 days + 3 hours to fix.

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Exp with sonic is cheated: farm green dinosaurs you'll see ^^.

I don't find it very good, but because Earthworm Jim was here, I like it ;)

Very very well made in my opinion. Loved the music as well!

i cant even figure out how to get past the tutorial????
what am i supposed to do? it says kill em all but they just respawn immediately and i have been playing this little rectangle of mediocre platforming for 10 mins with no visible exit or method of progression. either create a better tutorial or fix this... i dont know what the hell im supposed to do and am pretty irritated about having wasted my time on this.

Its pretty good. I like how it features old school character as you continue to evolve (lol Sonic)
But its a lil short. and the end evolution doesn't really have a use.
also battlotoads.

very clever! Nice work on the graphics and sound!