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I was practicing some female drawings and decided to organize them into a short strip game instead of just getting rid of them.
Hope you enjoy and all that stuff.

If any of the action-script doesn't work then I offer my humble apologies, I literally have no idea what I'm doing.

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated, I try to respond to each review if you give me something to respond to.

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It's not bad, but like someone else said it mostly relates to the US. I'm also not a fan of the drawings, but I guess the description explains that.

The fact that the history questions relate mostly to U.S.A events is very biased, even when it relates to other countries, it's because it somehow goes back to U.S.A..
Art needs a lot of work.
Music is forgettable.
Overall, the most interesting thing are the facts at the beginning.

I thought this was a good attempt :) her face really scared me at times though haha on the cultural revolution question for example her face looks really deformed lol so my feedback would be to try to work on the facial features more but i enjoyed playing, cheers, keep at it!

DeSaGames responds:

Faces are a real pain to draw, especially if they are to look feminine. I am however trying to get some practice in that. If you have the time check out History Quiz 2! I think the faces look a tad bit more presentable.

Not bad I did like that you included questions about WW1 and the cold war.

DeSaGames responds:

Thanks for the review!
I used all of the feedback from this one to make a purely Cold War focused quiz, playing around with the idea of doing a WW1 centered one afterwards. After that I'll try something new and stay off of quiz games for a while.

Right click -> play ................................fast strip

DeSaGames responds:

Finish off the game, right click -> rewind...... she's putting her clothes back on