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Disclaimer: I do not own the music for this trailer. Only the flash animation is my pure work. The music is owned by Shonen Jump respectively.

Well, here it is. The trailer for Naruto Ball Z The Legends Of Battles.
You guys can mute the song once it hits the Coming Soon scene if you want. Hope you enjoy.

Oh and also guys, if you want to see any updates on the trailer or soon to come episodes feel free to state the errors. I'll be more than happy to update the trailer or episodes.


The animation was good, but I gotta be honest
1) It looked like Goku was farting energy out of his butt to fly
2) The running was too slow (Naruto and whatshisname are like 10 feet apart and take 3 seconds running to each other to fight)
3) The movements in general were a bit slow -for DBZ and Naruto you'd expect fast-paced punching and kicking (just 80,000 minute long charge times for energy attacks...tune in next week to see the another long picture of Goku shouting in higher and higher pitches)
4) Vegeta can blow up planets, so can Goku, how are these guys not all dead in 3 seconds?

Aside from these questions/problems, it was good.

guardianprince1996 responds:

Thanks. And yea they were slow but don't worry, this is just a trailer. The episodes will be more thrilling. Orochimaru in the trailer was the only one who died by the blast. Naruto and Sasuke survived the blast cause Goku used instant transmission to pull Naruto and Sasuke away.

Jump! Right off the cliff!

fuck,is this the real deal?

guardianprince1996 responds:

Yup. a little trailer showcasing the Z Warriors and the Team 7 teaming up and becoming friends.
After this comes the episode which i'm submitting next month. Episode 1's title will be "A New Ally?". I'm also planning on using a new song coming out next month as the opening theme.

ok, let be that asshole that craps on everyones parade by sounding like a fan boy and stating the absolute obvious. no one, not even the tailed beast combined would be a challenge for goku and vegeta. and dont say its its them from the saiyan saga because you have them going super saiyan in the trailer. i dont doubt your skill as an animator BUT when dealing with pre-existing characters (that have been done to death btw) that already have a story would be hard to swallow or would be taken lightly by most ppl. mixing the 2 worlds and coming up with your own story is great but dont stop there and make new characters.

guardianprince1996 responds:

Naruto,Sasuke,Sakura, Goku, and Vegeta aren't fighting each other Forsaken666 the 5 latter are teaming up I forgot to mention. Although it is true Dragon Ball Z is stronger than Naruto i'm going to have them team up in the series. Villains from the DBZ world are headed towards Naruto's world so Goku and Vegeta are going to Naruto's world to train them and help them fight the villains. Sorry i should've mentioned that before.

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