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Spiteful Clown

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Fun and addictive skill-based action arcade game with bright cartoon graphics.
Hit the enemies by lightning, collect gold coins, get usefull bonuses and funny achievements.

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Fun game but I wish there was some more mechanics that told you to challenge yourself, to get a high score and stuff. I can't give 4 stars because of how annoying the controls were they were always slow, they had input lag and they were annoying

Very nicely put together! The story is simple which for me is bland because I like stories with depth but at least you set a goal for the player. One of the problems I had was moving around because I'm used to moving around quickly and this game doesn't allow it. It got me frustrated a little bit. Overall, simple and keeps you occupied.

It's good for a first game,but it could use some work.If you are planning to make a second one, here are some suggestions.

-It could be an open world game,with no ring.

-There could be upgrades, and here are some:
Missiles with c,punches with z,and kicks with v.(There would still be lightning)

There would also be clothes, like gloves that increase punches,boots that increase kicks, and helmets/hats and armor/shirts that increase health.but no pants.(Cause who needs pants?)

Well,that's all i can really think of,but you can think of some others,or not use these ideas,or not make a second one at all.But like i said,it's good for a first game,so keep it up!

Fun game. A lot of enjoyment - easy, fun, not a hardcore, not annoying music

Not bad but there are some flaws with this game. You say "Fun and addictive" but that seems to be biased on your game. Here is my thoughts. I do like the concept for this game and has potential here, but here are the good and bad.


- Plays like some retro arcade games with a modern twist. The concept elements for this game are good.

- You added a mute button to sounds and music. I cannot stress enough how important this is to the gamers, there are games that don't add this and people become annoyed with the fact they can't listen to anything else, thank you for adding this!

- Good frame rate.

- Music isn't bad or too annoying unless you leave it on too long but the same goes with any song.

- I have to mention how awesome the lightning bolt attack is, the way it looks and attacks.

- Achievements.


- I feel like the overall design of the game could be different such as the graphics and character design, it feels empty, like there's a lot missing here. I liked the wrestling ring and the lightning bolt though.

- One key essential to any game is the response to the controls. There is too much delay when you press a button, which makes it more frustrating to play.

- I feel the gameplay itself is missing something to keep people hooked, perhaps upgrades or new wrestling rings to travel to on an overworld map?

Overall not bad, but needs some improvement if you want to make this fun and addicting as you claim. I feel like there could be a good sequel to this with new characters and design, but the most important thing is to get beta testers and a lot of opinions. Hope this helps!