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Rolling Ghosts

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Click ghosts to make them colorful and solid again. Beware: they will explode if overlap or fall. And the evil ones must die! Sounds too easy? Try beating level 29 without wakthrough!


looks like a nice puzzle game with ghostly music and shapes. yet to try mobile version

I love it. The graphics are excellent. The puzzles are a little easy though...

Nice game!

Its a nice game. The shapes are kind of cute and although the idea of this game has been used several times before this one is special because of shapes that need to be killed instead of kept and most of all it differs because shapes can't overlap eachother, which is very rare among these games. The difficulty level is not all that hard. If a level really causes to much problems thinking it can just as easyly be solved by trial and error. There is two kinds of levels: levels that require a perfect timing and are merciless considering mistakes such as level 23 and levels that only need to be solved in the right order such as lvl 26. The ones with the timing are the reason why the rating is only 4 stars, because they can get really annoying once you know what you need to do but can't do it because you just missed by half a second. Also in one level an add appears which directs you to a new website, that is the second reason this is only 4 stars. P.S: The sound track isn't really complex but it doesn't get annoying.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks a lot for detailed review. I personally like levels with timing (like lvl 10). But I agree that levels like 23 became too pixel-perfect for a puzzle. One idea for the sequel is to make the ghosts move for more varied puzzle. I'll indeed keep it in mind not to make it too "arcady".

I did it ! Without help ! Yaay ! I love psyhics game. Super game.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2013
9:45 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other