Pawn Wars

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Lane strategy game, raise your army of pawns and crush everyone who stands in your way. I hope you will enjoy the game and have fun.

Oh yeah, if game is running slow on your pc, give it some time to autoadjust, if framerate drops too much it will change to more optimized way and won't run cpu intensive code.

also once you get on bigger map and upgrade barracks and pawns, use keys 1-2-3-4 to select units instead of clicking in menu. It will be much easier to switch units

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I don't know if anybody is playing this game anymore or anybody even gonna look at this, but this game is seriously bugged. Last stage when the upgrade level is supposed to reach 11 the game just freezes. Tried it over and over few times on different browsers as well, but same problem, definitely a bug, It could have been a nice game if it weren't for this problem. I don't know if game author would ever fix this.

A funny concept for a story right at the beginning cut scene until gunpowder got involved. Quite interesting so I resumed looking at the story and was convinced to begin playing the game. fits well along with it's cartoon-like art style. (4) Then I pressed play to see more of the story and was surprised to see a game what currently has an average rating have an interesting and in-depth story Just by looking at the first few cut scenes is enough to motivate me to actually begin the game. What I would say is next time just merge the cut scenes together so you watch all the way through it without the start button interrupting it. (5)

After finally getting to the game's menu, I looked at the different options and saw how they are easy to understand. the encyclopedia is quite detailed with stats. I like the appearance of the map as well. (4)

When I saw that this game plays similarly to age of war, I knew I was going to like the game play. Really is quite strategic since you are locked to only one kind of unit when you upgrade (I assume that is what the padlock is for anyway.). I do admit that the basic ranger begin able to kill a basic melee unit without the melee unit reaching the ranger to feel a little overpowered, unless the upgraded melee has so much defense that it can reach ranged units. Might want to revise ranger damage if that is the case. (After playing second level, two basic rangers could overwhelm a advanced warrior easily. I think rangers need to me more balanced personally thinking to keep challenge in game). (3.5)

When I began the second level, I got caught out when I didn't notice where my base was. I didn't realize I needed to build the base myself at first. Might want to make a note in the game about that on the second level or make it more noticeable if there is one present.

Encountered a bug: When I completed the first level after destroying the enemy base with the basic ranger unit, the victory tune kept repeating itself with a loud echo and would not move to the winning screen.

iggyziggy responds:

first of all, thank you so very much for such a detailed review (5) :)

Also I think you deserve a proper reply.
I agree with everything you said, first game version was in my opinion much better, we had a pretty long tutorial and gave tutorial pawn a lot of sarcastic and condescending character, but while game was on fgl and after some reviews from other developers, a lot of people said that the game was too text heavy, had way too long tutorial and was very hard to play. So we had to cut down a lot of text, this can be noticed after boss fights, cut scenes are 1-2 images without text. Tutorial guy covered only basics, etc. Also the game was originally made for multiplayer type of game play, this can be noticed in game i guess if you pay attention to how damage is calculated and some other hard to catch details. It had half a sec delay on purpose to compensate for lag and sync. After we made all suggested changes (including removal of multiplayer) this was the final result. I can't say we liked making all those changes and i still believe that original idea, no mater how text heavy or to some players boring and complicated it was at first, it would be more interesting and enjoyable to people who actually like story and complicated and hard games. Also in multiplayer it would give so much more space for tactics and strategy, just imagine co-op on a large map with bunch of players :)

So, that's the story, thanks again and if you would like to review some of our future games or even get more involved in game dev process feel free to contact me.

nice game :-)

iggyziggy responds:

thanks :D

Not bad. Good gameplay mechanics. Needs some additional weaponry and maybe graphics?? Dont know but was a pretty good game

iggyziggy responds:

Thank you, maybe there will be more of everything in sequel if we make one, depends how players will like this concept :)

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3.77 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2013
7:07 AM EDT
Strategy - Other