Messi's soccer snooker

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win stage 1 5 Points

win stage 1

win stage 2 5 Points

win stage 2

win stage 3 5 Points

win stage 3

win stage 4 5 Points

win stage 4

win stage 5 5 Points

win stage 5

win stage 10 10 Points

win stage 10

win stage 6 10 Points

win stage 6

win stage 7 10 Points

win stage 7

win stage 8 10 Points

win stage 8

win stage 9 10 Points

win stage 9

win stage 11 25 Points

win stage 11

win stage 12 25 Points

win stage 12

win stage 13 25 Points

win stage 13

win stage 14 25 Points

win stage 14

win stage 15 25 Points

win stage 15

win stage 16 25 Points

win stage 16

win stage 17 25 Points

win stage 17

win stage 18 50 Points

win stage 18

win stage 19 50 Points

win stage 19

win stage 20 50 Points

win stage 20

win stage 21 50 Points

win stage 21

win stage 22 50 Points

win stage 22

win stage 23 100 Points

win stage 23

win stage 24 100 Points

win stage 24

Author Comments

Messi challenge you in soccer snooker match


I see this is your "Zombie Babe Pool" but with a soccer star instead of your obsession with Justin Bieber.

Physics-wise it plays pretty good and accurately. I don't see why people would complain about that. My guess is they never actually played pool IRL or they'd see the balls do bounce around more-or-less as they do in this game, so good job there.

Too bad I made the 3000-something score in the final stage in this version of the game rather than the "Zombie Babe Pool" version though. As far as I can tell the layouts are identical, just the graphics differing.

One major problem though is you are limited in how far you can drag for your power shots based on literally how large your monitor is. Those with a larger monitor would have an advantage and those with a small enough monitor might not be able to do effective power shots at all.

I find myself often intentionally full-screening this, then scrolling the entire game either to the very top or very bottom, then grabbing a ball to get the very most maximum power shots I can with this monitor.

The game was decent. I always do enjoy playing a billiards simulator, although it was suppose to depict of soccer. The physics didn't really make sense, but once you play it enough, you kind of figure out how the game engine works. You were very generous with the medals. The game slowly got better, and the whole combo system really made the game fun. The best level was definitely the last one. Just trying to achieve the biggest score was way too fun. Some of the levels were also so tough, one mistake and you gotta start over. It was fun for what it was. Great job.

It's literally like 8-pinball! xD NICE!

A bug in which you can't do anything at all unless you reload the whole page

Awesome and good achivments but something is poping up when i beat level 1 and i cant cancel it i need to say allow but i dont want too it says:

uploads.ungrounded.net is requesting permission to store information on your computer.

i say deny but it dosent work doo you know what it is? PLs help me i realy want too play this game

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Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2013
3:43 PM EDT
Sports - Soccer