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Worlds in Danger Ep. 5

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Author Comments

I'm extremely sorry for the long wait in this Episode. Life issues have been getting in the way. Enjoy!

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I like Episode 5!

The rating of this review goes to all episodes this was amazing and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Looking forward to episode 6

I loved this! It's almost like Super Mario Bros. Z, except with more Sonic characters!

Though in the name of promoting creativity, you should try though to develop a more original and unique elements. It just seems like a copy-and-paste from SMBZ. Example: When Sonic was charging up to attack Eggman Nega, it's the exact same effect from SMBZ.

Other than that, I'll be interested in Episode 6 when it comes out.

STORY : Turning out to be great, but as far as characters go, is there enough? I mean I like Sonic but now there is Marine ,Blaze and Silver along with already starring Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow, compared to the Mario stars, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, not much for them really, unless Wario and Waluigi would join despite their own desires, or maybe prince peasley?

QUALITY : Almost seems like some parts were rushed a bit, but you are improving with the sprite animating it shows with the running part of the scene/episode.

OVERALL : Hopefully one of these gets done I hope to see one to these Mario/Sonic/DBZ mashups end cause I am a fan of Mario,Sonic and Dbz.

P.S. I know that animating takes some time don't rush it I tried sprite animating I just don't have the patience for it.

Loved it nice job!