cover the pengu

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win stage 1 5 Points

win stage 1

win stage 2 5 Points

win stage 2

win stage 3 5 Points

win stage 3

win stage 4 5 Points

win stage 4

win stage 5 10 Points

win stage 5

win stage 6 10 Points

win stage 6

win stage 7 10 Points

win stage 7

win stage 8 10 Points

win stage 8

win stage 9 10 Points

win stage 9

win stage 10 25 Points

win stage 10

win stage 11 25 Points

win stage 11

win stage 12 25 Points

win stage 12

win stage 13 25 Points

win stage 13

win stage 14 25 Points

win stage 14

win stage 15 50 Points

win stage 15

win stage 16 50 Points

win stage 16

win stage 17 50 Points

win stage 17

win stage 18 50 Points

win stage 18

win stage 20 100 Points

win stage 20

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

help the penguins to cover them from cactus king attack


Good game! Really, this is pretty entertaining!

Another cover object game. Not bad, it's certainly challenging due to how sensitive the objects are to moving after a slight bump. Clean up the grammar and you'll be fantastic.


"protect this cute penngu by make cover protection against cactus king attack"
Couldn't you get somebody who speaks english to read over the script before uploading this game?

the first time the cactus king showed up and started shitting cactus balls and laughing like a man having a prostate exam I laughed pretty hard, I would call it creative, but this game is just weird.

getting a medal every level was generous to say the least.

this game had potential, but you wasted a lot of it because you were clearly out of your mind on some sort of hallucinogenic drug when you created it. still a reasonable game though.

The game has a real problem with lag and in refreshing the page I noticed that the game did not save anything from level 12 onwards meaning I had to replay the last 5 stages I beat before I had to refresh due to lag

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Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2013
2:58 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other