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Trigger Finger Prototype

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Author Comments

This is a game I have been working on for a university for a months of weeks it is a prototype so in no way is it a full representation of a complete game. I have made every element myself from the levels,sprites,items and action script. I also had sound for this game but I have not been able to figure out the action script to sort it out yet. I am after some real constructive criticism so I can make the game better. So if there's something you dont like or would like me to change please feel to express this. If you even feel like giving me grilling game review feel free.

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As everyone else is saying, This isn't a game. not even would I consider this a prototype. Although your graphics are nice, this isn't the time (or place) to submit this. Put it on your dumping grounds or at least submit something more of a game.
As for your actual game, a few things :1-platformers are easy to program, but do something to make it stand out. nothing sucks more than a generic boring platformer. 2- you gotta fix your controls. my character slides around like the level is an ice rink. to fix that, you may want to either lessen your strength of the button pushed or increase the friction of the ground. Good luck on your game making.

you dont explain a shit. no music, I did all levels, last green point does not finish, press down to enter green point... wtf shat

This isn't a prototype, it's a useless waste of space. I am recommending at once that this be removed. Why in the world would you post a "game" where all you can do is walk right and left and jump into an invisible ceiling? Remove this at once or the moderators are going to. Pathetic.

What you have looks decent, but there's not enough to it, which makes it kinda pointless to submit.

With that being said, please don't submit tests to the Portal. If you want feedback and tips, that's fine, but this isn't the best place for this. The Portal is for finished items. The Forums are what you want. Load this into your Dumping Grounds. It's the third icon from the left at the very top of the page when you're signed in. It looks like a bucket with an arrow pointing down. Once it's loaded there, copy and paste the link into the Forums (Community>Forums). That way, people see it and give tips, which is what you want, but it's not in the Portal, filling your account with low scores or blams, which you don't want.

Good luck! :)

The jumping is very floaty. Try to make the character move less when it lands from a jump.