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Desktop versions are available from this link:

http://robotacid.com/flas h/ending/

Android and iOS versions are also available.


Very nice game. Hmm... i subscribe to the last guy, the autopause is useless, as nothing happens while not focused.

simple mechanic and but original and adicted

The game is interesting and has its highs and lows.

High: The gameplay is simple and fun. Well made and not too difficult, so anyone can adapt to such.

Low: The symbols and such leave the story so vague that any chance of seeing the meaning of the game are small. I mean, it's easy to staple the 'life is short, death will eventually come' meaning upon it. Except that it's so overbearingly common that it barely has a meaning at all.

Based only on the gameplay, though, it is a pretty good game.

glorious work! in the world of retro-minimalist games, you've made a masterpiece. This has a chess like feel as you really have to think a few moves ahead to beat some of the puzzles. Also one can compare this to the old "Maze of The Minotaur" game as it uses the same mechanic of each action taking a turn, but you have taken it a step further by introducing a varied cast of enemies to face. It's sad that some people can't see how many layers this game has are only judging it superficially. To all you reviewers under 20, let me tell you that if this game had come out for the 5600, 7200, or even as an NES title it would have been if not "the" killer app, it would have been most assuredly a BIG cult hit, remembered as fondly as "Gauntlet" or "Archon" are today by older gamers.

Kudos to you st33d, this is a great game and you definitely know what's up. 5/5

the game has every element that makes games fun, yet manages to present itself with minimal amount of instructions. This is amazing in every way and I hope your innovations net you big bucks.

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3.82 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2013
4:04 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other