Honeybear 2

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Test your reefer IQ by answering marijuana related trivia questions asked by Weedis Fillbong. Answer correctly and smoke some tasty nugs using a honeybear bong as your reward. If you get stuck perhaps the Wheel of Chance, Pot Machine or Ghost of Bob Marley will bail you out. You may even get to play a round of Bong Pong! A 2006 Zooass classic!


Only the paranoid survive.

I dearly miss this site, I had some great times when I was younger. Are you going to bring back all the old games?

A signifigant portion of my much younger life was spent on www.zooass.com... This is nostalgia at its finest right here

Hmmmm... As a judge, I have to remain Unbiased and evaluate not by my own personal choices, but on how the submission was made. With that said, The only reason I gave this as high as I did was because I kept my personal beliefs out.

The voice acting was really good. The sound effects were good as well. I am not a huge fan of trivia games, but the rewards system and how the game flowed was smooth. I enjoyed playing it if only for the challenge of testing my knowledge and seeing how well it was put together. All in all, its a well made game.

You must realize that you will be getting a lot of mixed reviews on this mainly because of the topic at hand.

I will give it a 4/5 mainly for effort that was put in it and how well it was put together.

Not bad, but just so you know....420 is NOT the police code for marijuana. That's just a rumor that was made up years ago.

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Jun 17, 2013
10:59 AM EDT
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