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XBOne Commercial [Parody]

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It's inevitable, so, hear me out. That's all I ask.

While I do love Microsoft, and I have loved both the Xbox and the 360, I feel they've taken an.. odd direction with their newest console, and saw it ripe for parody, and outright bashing. So, I wrote some jokes and stuff and animated it because I think it's funny, and that's all it's meant to be.

Keep it gentle, guys!

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i laughed at this so much i had to watch it again and about the watching you play naked or half naked that you pointed out at the start, Microsoft already do that with the 360 kinect read the T's & C's for it, the fee for playing old xbox/360 titles is crap the 360 let you play some original xbox games without problem, well without online play

and just so whoever reads this knows when the PS4 is released it will "apparently" be $50 cheaper (or £40-something in the uk) and not spy on you

although every modern console has it's faults like the PS3 producing more heat then lighting a fart on fire and only a few models with full predicesser (PS1 & 2) gameplay aloud, like the PS3 the 360 doesn't support all xbox games, the wii and wii-u are more like gadgets then consoles ("look mommy i'm playing tennis like a big boy" and smashing various items along the way)

long story short your vid is awesome and i can only hope the next gen consoles are half as good as they say and that when console designers make a new console they listen to their customers and not just produce crap we don't need

and as for the voice acting i liked it some may complain but they should watch egoraptors awesome reach, senceable at first random unintelligible nonsense shortly after

like the idea but horrible voicing

LeTravino responds:

Well, thanks for your honesty! I'm not the greatest voice actor yet, but I'm doing my best to preactice when I can. I'll get better as time goes on :D


It's good.
Add in some background music and tweak the sound a bit and this would be great...a lot of the "commercial" flashes (much like many independent films) come off as a bit boring if they go too long and have no music.

LeTravino responds:

I did put in background music. It came out really faint, but, it's there. But thank you for the four stars! :D

Awesome, Microsoft blows when it comes to listening to their customer base and you summed it up really well. Sound quality was crackling a bit, but other than that, great work.