Don't Escape

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A Slaughter 5 Points

At least you've tried...

A Massacre 10 Points

You've saved some lives.

A Night of Terror 25 Points

With your efforts, more than a half of villagers survived the night.

A Frightful Night 50 Points

You've saved almost everyone

A Calm Night 100 Points

You've survived the night without hurting anyone!

Author Comments

I woke up in a room... It is not locked and I remember everything. I'm a werewolf. Tonight I will turn and people will die, unless I find a way to prevent myself from escaping this place.

There IS a recipe for the potion in game :-)


This one stumped me for a few. Seems I missed one place to click. Once I Saw The Light, I was able to put the pieces together and get the last metal. I had fun leaving the door open. Nice game. Love the concept.

This is a good turn on the "escape" point-and-click games. My favorite part is when I mess up with something crucial, I see it, and I feel it. The game doesn't just say how many died right away, but tells you where you succeeded and failed. I had a few problems with this, however. Unless you use a walkthrough, hear from a friend, etc. about how to make the potion, it could take a lot of tries to get it right. That would mean going over and over doing almost the same exact thing, and that gets very bland. I see where the intentions lay, and I don't know how to do it better myself, but it just gets tiresome. Another very small thing that I'm probably just being a bitch about is not being able to light the candle with the tinderbox. It's not the reason I gave it a 3.5 but it's just a gripe, at least let me be stupid and fail on my own haha. The color scheme of the environment can make some crucial items blend in on first sight making the player have to pointlessly click around like many PaC games. I see how the color scheme could make it depressing, but maybe putting some items in another place would suffice. Overall this game is great and puzzles your mind with riddles and thoughts of how you could escape. Great game.

Great! I really love all your games. I really like playing point and click games like this too. On my first playthrough I barely saved anyone; I like the results screen that shows your actions and the decreasing stamina bar, I thought that was pretty creative, and it gave me a really clear indication of what I was supposed to do.

Also, this is a pretty unique concept in that you prevent your escape rather than trying to escape.

And I like your style of art. Feels really retro. It also adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game, as well as the music. This game felt really ambient and unsettling, kinda like your other games. However, I'm a total wuss regarding horror movies and playing scary games--I couldn't play your Deep Sleep. x] But I love what you create with your art and music!

Love your work. :)

I really loved the game. The concept was great and allowed some experimentation, which was really fun. Had to crack my head a few times before i could get all the medals. I will anxiously wait for more of this to come. Thank you for the fun time!

very well i got all trophies in one play though no one was killed. i tried again and got the bad ending one part said a villagr was bit he considerd himself luck until the next full moon.

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4.23 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2013
6:39 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click