Don't Escape

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A Slaughter 5 Points

At least you've tried...

A Massacre 10 Points

You've saved some lives.

A Night of Terror 25 Points

With your efforts, more than a half of villagers survived the night.

A Frightful Night 50 Points

You've saved almost everyone

A Calm Night 100 Points

You've survived the night without hurting anyone!

Author Comments

I woke up in a room... It is not locked and I remember everything. I'm a werewolf. Tonight I will turn and people will die, unless I find a way to prevent myself from escaping this place.

There IS a recipe for the potion in game :-)


Awesome game.

I could of got all the acheviments in 1 go but i started at the worst to the best should have been the other way

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WHAT?! But I did lock the door! it was the last thing I did! Also the root neutralizes the potion.

I've played many first-person games. Many of which I have to escape. I either make it alive or I never come out. This game, Don't Escape, took a further step into something more creative. It's quite interesting. I've never had to play a game where I had to imprision myself to save other lives. This one had me use my brain and while I got stuck and I pulled out a walkthrough, I had a good experience with this atmospheric story and interesting art.

The presentation of the game is spot on. The little story there is feels just enough. I can't ask more. The game has this mystery feel into it. It moticates the player to find many ways to survive and not hurt anyone, it was really educational in my point of view. The achievements are really rewarding, especially for the completionists out there and the hardcore medal collectors.

The graphics are great. This is another game that makes the best use of pixel art. The sprites are thoughtful. The game's light and moody atmosphere made the game's visuals very real. The game was very pleasant to look at, well done.

The music fit well and it's another element that added the mood to the atmosphere.

The gameplay is a very innovating concept. Instead of the cliché ''escape from the horror or you'll die'' game, it's a game where we don't have to escape. The gameplay is very interactive and provides many alternatives to the game. One thing I did not like about the game so much, which is why it won't have 5 stars, was it's hit-detection. It's limited hit-detection worked most of the time but it ocassionally stumbles. The hit-detection limitation is too small, even on big objects. Your clicks have to be pixel-perfect, making it annoying at the end. (Spoilers!!) It took me a long time to realize I had to click on only one chunk of wood of the 3 or 4 I left on the floor in order to hammer them on the window. Why not have all the chunks be clickable? There just needs to be a balance between free will of the players and hit-detection limit. Even though I worked out my brain alot and I worked hard to figure out a way to survive and not hurting anyone, the game was too complex for me and I couldn't help but admit that I was stuck and then pull a walkthrough. I wish I were better at this game. Oh well, not everyone has intelectual skills, atleast I don't. I'm not good at puzzles :P

What else can I say against this game? It's Scriptwelder. I would not expect less from him/her/them. The game was a really short experience but it has a lasting appeal and motivates you to continue playing the rest of the Don't Escape games. I completed the 3rd one but I want to play this and the second one to get used to this kind of gameplay and get me ready to write a review for the 3rd one.

4.5/5 - Wonderful game.

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It took me FOREVER to find out there was a recipe for the potion. I wont spoil more then that since its in the Author Comments that the recipe exists, but it took me even longer to figure out how to get it to last long enough. Too much brain work for me at 9:30 at night. Im bad at these, but this one was a real challenge for myself and who knew I could go outside XD ( thought I was limited in-doors.) All in all, really good game you got going. Cant wait to play the rest you come/came up with and write my opinion on them :)

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4.22 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2013
6:39 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click