Aqua Boy

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Aqua Boy's latest mission has gone drastically wrong, so he's going to have to shoot some octopuses with his gun. An epic adventure awaits!

You can play with the mouse and keyboard, or with "twin stick"-style keyboard controls.


I enjoyed this game, despite my preconceived ideas that it would suck. It just kept on making me play with the thought of "just one more room!" Thank you :-)

(And I spotted you easter egg: Dopefish lives! :-)

Nice! Good game, nice atmosphere and story (even though the main enemy is ... a monkey? Wut?) and the graphics kinda remind me of Yoshi's Island.
I hope there will be a sequel, or another game with this gameplay style and a slightly more serious tone.

Wow, that was actually a little bit amazing. At first I thought it seemed a bit dull, but I was bowled over by the charm and inventiveness of the world you've created. The gameplay is smooth, the secrets are cute and clever, and the narrative is warmly humourous. Well done.

I'm guessing they rate games depending upon something other than just these ratings? Number of people who actually decided to rate or something? You look at all the ratings and there are two that less than 4 and mostly 5's.. and it deserves them too.

Little short and wish there were more items but lots of fun, I'd be proud to have written this game and I definitely want to see more from this author!

Why this is rated so low is a mystery to me. This is a great game with style and music. A tad easy to dodge bullets at parts though.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2013
1:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional