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Ragnarok Online Jigsaw

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I love Ragnarok Online very very much! RO was my very first MMO game that I had played and yea, the best MMORPG so far in my opinion till now. I stopped playing the game some years ago but still love it so much, such a beautiful memories to be forgotten, the memories about friends and many weird lands for us to explore together. Well, if there weren't people whom use bots may I'm still playing RO but I know that every party has to end, I can't join the party again but the emotions are still flowing out of me just by remaining them. Did you play RO? Do you like the game? RO is my first MMORPG I had played and maybe the only, the last MMORPG I can use the word "love" in deep of my heart. My answer is, I love Ragnarok Online very very much.

The last time I said I will submit something more interesting than "J" but seems this time we have "J" again, yea, my apologies. And I'm sorry for my English too.


Love the game, beautiful music. Thanks for sharing your experience with Ragnarok Online, because you made this game. love yah

I absolutely loved this - I couldn't help the smile that wouldn't slip away as the serene tune allowed my mind to wonder away from all the woes of life. This was truly an enjoyable, beautiful experience and I must thank you, for sharing such a wonderful memory.

Loved the music, perfect to loop. The pictures are cool as well.

The music is perfect for this game
love the pictures and the game

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3.45 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2013
3:21 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other