Ragnarok Online Jigsaw

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I love Ragnarok Online very very much! RO was my very first MMO game that I had played and yea, the best MMORPG so far in my opinion till now. I stopped playing the game some years ago but still love it so much, such a beautiful memories to be forgotten, the memories about friends and many weird lands for us to explore together. Well, if there weren't people whom use bots may I'm still playing RO but I know that every party has to end, I can't join the party again but the emotions are still flowing out of me just by remaining them. Did you play RO? Do you like the game? RO is my first MMORPG I had played and maybe the only, the last MMORPG I can use the word "love" in deep of my heart. My answer is, I love Ragnarok Online very very much.

The last time I said I will submit something more interesting than "J" but seems this time we have "J" again, yea, my apologies. And I'm sorry for my English too.



I really love the music and the beautiful pictures of the jigsaw, the music with the picture... it's like a happy memory, it's like ... an end.. like a goodbye to ragnarok online, it's kinda sad but still beautiful

Well executed jigsaw controls and pieces fitting in, however my gripes about this game are the fact the game lacks a "completed" stage, having you marked as done and having the lines taken out to show the completed image, and then keeping a mark on your completion stages throughout the game to get 100%. I also feel like there could be a more difficult mode than "hard", as the "hard" stages still have large pieces which can be easily put together once the pieces have all been categorized, it is also easy to brute force it by shoving pieces into areas and having them stick in easily as a result of the size. The music, though it is a nice and relaxing tune, doesn't loop which ruins the atmosphere since when playing such a game it is going to take a long time and the several seconds of music stopping before starting again interrupts the relaxing tones, using a looping track for this would greatly improve the atmosphere. Finally I found myself having to move all the pieces out of the Jigsaw base first, putting them in the purple area, BEFORE starting to put them inside. If you had the pieces thrown into the purple area to begin with it would have been less problematic getting it set up and categorized to be filled in, preferbly also without layering them on top of each other where possible (though with many pieces that is a problem that can occur) though when you have 3 or more covering a piece you need to lift them all to see where about it would even fit on the picture.

A decent game, however those points would help to make it better. Especially the "completion" stage as it is always nice to have the little buzz from a simple congratulatory message and getting a tick on the image, little things please the mind.

THIS game... oh this grinding for hours at GH or level 2 lude and if you were like me looking for exploring too you'd go to mt mjoinlir..or how ever you say it. BUT the coolest place of all was to try to get to the area right before niff water and white plants and just calmness i relaxed there all the time.
I remeber seeing Sonic Blow !! for the first time. im like WOAH i need to make a sin. Hahaha started playing around 2004.. man its almost been TEN years.. where the times gone... To hear prontera alternate piano theme rocks. Im so happy that you shared your RO experience with us here at Newgrounds you deserve a long happy life.

My name is mr sage man_au if for what ever reason you remember/knew me when I played RO years ago i loved it until it was sold to another company then it sucked hard

i still have very fond memories of this game thanks for making such a awesome puzzle

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Jun 14, 2013
3:21 AM EDT
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