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Protect your gold from ugly monsters and bandits! Use power of magic stones to save yourself as long as you can.

Great tower defense game with endless gameplay.

Create great maze for your enemies and don't let them to steal your gold!

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Enjoyed it a lot!

This is like Gem Tower Defense, but with upgraded graphics and slightly altered gameplay.

Enough of a variation to be enjoyable.

i didnt though it was bad, but also wasn't fun. and that thing StephenTheSniper said is true...game is good but isnt the most original game ever so i'll give this game a 3.

At first, I saw this game and thought it was interesting. Another gem based tower defense. But as I played, I noticed something very disturbing about this game. This is an old game, something 'copied' almost. Years ago when Warcraft III Frozen Throne's online base thrived, there was a custom game called "Gem TD". When I played this game, and after combining a few gems I noticed that rocks would take place as well. This game is a copy of the custom game from Warcraft III Frozen Throne. However, I will give props on the animation, taking an idea from someone else I highly frown upon. If anyone doubts me, I'm sure bots still run the custom games for that game, go check it out for yourself, find Gem TD and play it. It's almost exactly the same.

I'm very disappointed.

However, like the game that this is either in reference to or is a copy of, I love it, and I thank you for bringing it to others outside Warcraft.

So... for the first half-hour, I was unimpressed. To me, this looked like any other TD game... and I've played a few. Depending on mechanics, most TD's either encourage a sweeping strategy of back-and-forth switchbacks, or center around some inevitable loop-crossroads, where one can concentrate their firepower to best advantage.

At the one-hour-mark, however, I was struck by the unique-ness of being able to re-structure the entire defense grid at every turn.

A casual player will probably either become frustrated and quit, or otherwise write off the game as "another TD... ho-hum!".

After countless waves, I realized that I'd have to switch my strategy for every incoming wave - that the challenge lay not in mastering one specific strategy, or mindlessly upgrading - but in sincerely giving thought to how towers and obstacles can be rearranged to present the highest grade of difficulty to your attackers.

In the short-run, this game is tedious. It takes forever to level up your permanent statistics. The music is lacking variety and interest. The graphics could use a helping hand.

In the long-run, this game is a master-stroke of forcing a player to be intelligent - not by using brute force, but by using strategy - every round.

If the graphics and music were improved, medals added, and level-up rewards expanded, this game would be a strategist's dream come true. Easy to learn, difficult and engaging to master.

A little tweaking, and you'd get 5 stars from me, and that is not something I offer lightly.