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At left table you see the name of two colors. For first color you need to mix two other colored items that are available to pick up. Take the correct two colors to the table at right to mix the correct color and return to table at left with getting the second color.

Time limit 30 to 60 second
Didn't realize "about" message didn't have a background someone issued it but i realized late, fixed that.

Example route: Assume that you need "purple+white". First take blue and red items and take them to the right table then pick up white item and take 2 items to the table at left without touching any other colors( because if you do latest colored item will be replaced and you will have to get it again.

Sorry for complicated instructions. Don't know how to explain a game to people clearly.

arrows:move and jump
space:empty inventory
x: see about.

Hello. This game is inspired by my father who works at his repair shop. There he repairs computers, cellphones, tablets... etc he is very skilled, he is like a superhero to me :) For father's day i decided to make a game. This is my first
game ( aside from tutorials i followed, etc. ). I hope some people enjoy it. To be honest if a person spends a few minutes playing it it would make me very happy :)

Happ Father's day to every father in the world!

Music, drawings, programming done by me:
Toygar Onbay


shit >:(

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The game is okay, and I like the pixel-type graphics of it. But the game get's boring fast. Sort of confusing too. But I guess I'll rate it a 3 out of 5.
For a first game, it's better than I can XD.

Too boring. Who told you people like mixing colors for fun?


I keep picking up the wrong colors, and avoiding them is pretty hard for such a big person who can bump into them easily! That got me pretty pissed, and thanks to that, I lost a lot of money

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2.33 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2013
11:44 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle