Space Invaders

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Living among the stars is a mysterious life to live. Your space base is under attack! Set up turrets along the enemies path to destroy them! Utilize a great defense through upgrading your turrets and destroying the enemy invaders!

Objective: Survive 30 waves of intense ship invasion action!
Controls: Use your mouse to buy and set turrets on the field. Click on them to upgrade speed, power, and other assets upon your turrets. Navigate through the interface on the right side of the screen to successfully build a powerful defensive line. Remember, a great defense is a great offense.

Build 1.00:
Programming, Music by Ryan Isler
Title screen background image due to their respective owners.
Special thanks to Adobe and Newgrounds! Have fun.


I expected the actual space invaders not this trashy tower defense game.

Been a while since I've done a review....

First off... What, in the heck is going on with that terrible awful non mutable music... Honestly, it's so bad. Like harpies screeching in your ears.

That aside, I did in fact beat this game, took me four tries, towers aren't original (then again how many TD's have original towers) and the priority for their firing is confusing. The fact that the tower waits a second or so to shoot at another target is annoying as well.

But there was something charming in a way with this, not sure what it was, but unlike most terrible TD's I actually wanted to beat this one. It actually wasn't that hard, just build normal towers (don't upgrade) then make a multi tower, upgrade that, then make a slow, then just spam like 5 (upgraded) missle towers, then I made a screen clearer just for good measure (and those low priority leaks), then get the final tower, and by the time I was going to get another one the game ended.

One map, one difficulty.

You would have gotten a higher score, but I was just so angry with the music, Had to turn it down way low (had music on in the background trying to drown it out (on the computer otherwise I would have thrown my speakers against the wall)

BUT all that being said, I can see you making a half way deent TD next time around, maybe make the look of the towers (not just the color) change as you upgrade. Maybe take some ques from Bloons TD and have different upgrades come after the first, not just "Upgrade range till max or power". Who knows, I dunno, spice it up a bit, and for everyone's sake, delete that song or use it as counter terrorism.

Good Day,


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ryanIs responds:

Thank you for your time, and critique.

Sorry but the difficulty growth too fast, I often test tower defenses and here it's really hard...

Pretty nice, I lost a lot of time on it. Haha, keep up the good work, man. ;D

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Lol :)
The game doesn't have a difference from other tower defense games, but I had so much fun!
I hope you make more games like this....

Thank you :)

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ryanIs responds:

This is a rather bland, yet inspiring post for some reason. Thank you. The torch has been passed.

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2.94 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2013
3:05 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense