Sonic TDE Episode 2

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This is Episode 2 of Sonic & The Dark Emeralds
This was made before Episode 1
visit my youtube channel & subscribe if you enjoyed it http://www.youtube.com/us er/kirshorn
News Update Episode 3 Should be done by the End of June
Sprites are given credit to there respective owners
in particular
Aeon-Aeon The Hedgehog


Awesome opening, and episode overall!

fleetway sonic's voice is frieza

this is pretty cool

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this is very awesome, the fleet way sonic is very similar to bleach, anyway i liked it

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Hey, this is a very good work! I watched your other videos, you are doing great! Of course, there is a long way to go still. You already got what a sprite animation is all about, so you won't have any problems here.

First, I think you should plan the plot in order to be interesting. I mean, something like Nazo not killing Sonic because he finds him "interesting" is kinda too simple. When any geek sees that he already knows "oh, so he'll let him live and sonic defeats him at the last second later on". Plan that a little better. Make things unexpected.

I know this is vague and complicated, but it's part of your challenge. There's no formula, it's an art form. Reveal things too soon, people loose interest. Reveal too slow, it gets boring. Best of luck!

On the visual aspects, the sprites look great. I would suggest that you search for "Sonic's quest for power" here on NG to get some ideas. I personally enjoy this DBZ battle style. Full of explosions, smart combat moves and good action.

Your songs are also great. However, you should seriously consider the voice acting. It makes all the difference. Look at the "Xionic Madness" series for example. The characters voices bring life to it, it feels almost real. I am more of a gamer, but I'm sure you can find audiophiles and animators around here that could help you with that. Trust me, good voice acting along with the proper background theme song and you will have some intense action scene.

I'm looking forward for more of your work. Great job so far!!

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Jun 12, 2013
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