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Monster Bastion

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Author Comments

They are coming!!! The Empire has declared a bloodthirsty war against you and your monster comrades, leaving the fate of the wastelands in your hands. Can you strategize your way to victory with the tremendous power of the MONSTER BASTION? or will you perish with the defeat of the evil Empires mighty sword?

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im gonna go with tiffanychiu, she said everything i wanted to, but im gonna give you that 1 star...

Only 2 stars - want more ? Stop making games where you are only limited to builiding towers on set up spots

I agree with RorschachNY. This game really does make me think of a cheap knock off of Kingdom Rush. First of all, the towers barely did any damage to the enemies, and the fortresses kept "loading" while I was trying to put more soldiers into the fortress. It was also annoying how there were Critical Hit and Dodge signs while they were attacking. I don't exactly need to know how they're doing. All I need to know is if they're dead or not. The dragon towers' fireballs did very little damage, although they fire the fireballs at a very high speed, so that balances out a little, but when the fireballs missed, it was really annoying, because random fireballs were shooting all over the screen. The lightning towers did a little damage, but whenever a giant parade of troops filed past the lightning towers, the towers only hit them twice. TWICE. The art is alright, but the movements weren't all that great. I mean, the birds were freaking flying SIDEWAYS. The powerups were okay, but they did nothing to the boss, and after all my towers were through with him, he had lost barely any health. You should probably make the boss come during the day, so that the monsters would be able to attack him, and hopefully, it would be a bit easier to defeat him. I also thought that it was really weird that the monsters came in the daytime, and not the nightime. You should switch that around. The freezing powerup only froze the enemies for practically three seconds. I also didn't like how one person could take away three lives. I mean, it was only ONE knight. They weren't even that much different from the other enemies for the attack and health, but they still took three lives. The banshee also didn't do much except freeze the enemies and harm them a little. I'd expected it to do way more damage, but no, it didn't. I would have given you half a star for effort, if it weren't for how similar the game was to Kingdom Rush.

Basically a poor rip off of Kingdom Rush.

great game my only problem is you cant start in hard