No Cleaner

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WSAD: Move

Mouse: Aim and Shoot

1-5 and Q: Change weapons


with the smoke.. i cant even see my health bar.

Too short to get all upgrades, and not enough upgrades.
So you play 10minutes and you come in th infinite mode: boring.

Original but not enough!

Fine idea, but gets boring around level 12, when so many enemies are on the screen that you can't consistently focus on any one for long enough to kill it. I just ended up circling around an ever-increasing tangle of enemies, unable to pick up drops, until I got bored.

This was an enjoyable timewaster that reminded me of a cross between Centipede, Gauntlet (hordes!) and Robotron, and I played until everything was maxed out, and I had over $500K, before getting bored, cramped hands, and stopping.

One beef I did have was that, if the game was becoming too hectic, one could stop playing, let nature take its course, then Continue - with the chance to upgrade of course. Thus the upgrade part of the game became one of endurance rather than skill. Perhaps docking a percentage of money for a continue (or maybe wave# x $1000?)

Another is that in-game the FlashFooty logo is underneath the 'next' button, which made me nervous about possibly opening another website either in-game or when visiting the upgrade store. Just a little UI hiccup you might want to look into.

Finally, one lesson I've learned from games with upgrades is that you're upgrading for a reason beyond slaughter into infinity. Here... I didn't feel like I'd accomplished anything except being able to circle around and around the playfield turning square critters into red smears. Maybe a big boss that appears around wave #30 and lets you unlock endless mode, or perhaps integrating scoreboards or achievements?

Otherwise this game was a blast. Insane firepower. HUGE numbers of enemies onscreen didn't slow things down at all. Great fun!

Simplicity always get me, the classic arcade style wins me over more often then not, this is the case here too.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2013
11:17 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 4th Place June 13, 2013