The Terraspheres

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(updated with a bug fixed version, now you guys should give higher rate )
Stealth-action shooter game with radial gravity
The game is given the choice of tactics for each level - you can pass the level quietly,
without raising an alarm, or to arrange a real slaughter, using machine guns, grenades
and even a bazooka. Ability to hide behind the scenery, to sneak up behind enemies and kill
with a knife, not raising the alarm, set booby traps, and destroy the enemies of many weapons.

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Extremely slow paced, the turret noise going back and forth is horrid, and the bugs are tremendous.
I couldn't get passed the second level thanks to bugs...
Overall it's bad, except for the concept, which grants you 2 stars.

Gud. 5 Star.

I love the concept, but some serious bugs remain:

1) Camera doesn't follow player, so you can end up on the side of the screen instead of centered.
2) Turrets detect even when you're not in their arc
3) Sounds continue when they shouldn't. E.g. the beeping of a neurobomb when its been removed already, the "enemy there" sounds when all enemies have been killed.
4) Not so much a bug as a balance issue: the infinite range and perfect accuracy of the guns means that I can just find a spot somewhere and pick of all the enemies.

lol,when hacking I do it for a long time,play computer games,ON A COMPUTER GAME!

gg remind me of the old metal gears games

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3.54 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2013
8:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail