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Assured Destruction

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Wipe the tears away from Mr. Toiletpaper

IT BURNS!!! 10 Points

Buy a taco

Long live filth! 10 Points

Survive the incredible challenges of round 1

Yellow stone? LOL 25 Points

Buy a flaming hot taco.

Majestic like a bird 50 Points

Buy the last taco you will ever eat

Experimental substances 100 Points

Buy doner

Mans Best Friend 100 Points

Buy broccoli

Massive dump 100 Points

Buy the last kebab

Author Comments

A defense game where one must defend their butt against progressively more difficult waves of cleaning product enemies. It features upgrades that create new gameplay elements and many comedic situations.


Click to shoot

Number keys to change weapons (or space to toggle)

Description of weapons:

Tacos give you a stream of poop to shoot

Burritos give you shotgun abilities

Beans give you farts that push enemies back but do very little damage

Broccoli gives you a helper that shoots for you

Kebab gives you constipation which shoots through most enemies and gravitates towards your mouse

Chicken Kebab gives you explosive diarrhea which kills everything but has a long cool-down time

Doner gives you a splitting bullet which splits on contact with enemy

The amount of bad puns made during the production of this game were way too high :P. I hope you enjoy the game; please leave me feedback, good or bad, so my next game can be better!

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toilet humor...wow, butt long ass boring grind :/

pretty "shitty"

This game is toilet.

Wow, what a s h i tty game!!!

Choga responds:

:') This review makes me happy.

lmao, what a bizarre concept for a game, a tiny part disturbing, most parts entertaining! Fo shitzle. Graphics are really the only thing that could be potentially improved, fancier/more consistent typography for some of interface text, stuff like that. Also bit difficult dialog to hear in that introduction, so much echo. In terms of gameplay and entertainment value it's mile high though, nice work!


Choga responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for the feedback :). For my next game I am going to improve on the graphics and sound design. Thanks again for the review!