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Giri 2: Tomuraigassen (battle of revenge) is on the way.


Not bad.

you lick the sweat of a dead mans balls September 17, 2005

Reviewed by: MrPiNk005

Get some fucking respect. When you make somthing better you have the right to submit a review like this, until then shut your face you ignorant prick.

Not to bad of a movie but you should of put more thought into it. The battle with the last ninjara was off to a good start but after he screamed and kinda became immortal it ruined it. Just a suggestion for GIRI 2. Longer fights and less corny.


i do like Japanese culture, but in my opinion. u butchered it, the anamation was good, but the voices were horrible. if u get better voices, it will be quite better.


Though Im not doubting that this obviously had lots of care taken into making it, I definetely disagree that it should be on the front page. I bet you that everyone who has watched this, though many of them liked it, they had no sense of what exactly was going on, who the main character was, ect. I only understood the story from your "Author's Comments" where you explained the plot. And your diologue was of extremely poor quality. I'm not doubting that this flash short may have been better then the original. (I havnt yet seen it)
Also, many parts of the actual animation were EXTREMELY choppy! And no, it isnt my comuter, I have an 800mhz IBM with Bell Sympatico High Speed Edition. So dont jump to conclusions.
The style was fairly unique, but again, you could have spent some more time with the animation, expecially the fight scenes.
All in all, there was no sense of dynamics, or camera layout. The fight scenes probably could have been better if instead of using a pretty plain camera where it shows both characters maybe you could have done more dramatic camera angles. This concept is really hard to explain, but if you watched any action film before, you'd see that they implement the camera and take time to make sure the feel for the fight sequences is fastpaced and more stunning. Dont think that this concept is way too hard to make. Go to shockanime.com and check out Genryu's blade. Man, that animater is amazing. You could probably learn alot from just watching that movie.

not too bad but...

you clearly tried to portray the samurai and ninja in historic detail, but you f***** up with the ninja, they rarely travel in groups, their swords are not katana but are much smaller, and they were not trained to fight samurai, ninjas were mostly spies (wow that was my nerd side speaking), past that, it was pretty cool, and sorry for over-analyzing

Sub-Par Samurai film

A samurai who's father is killed, the samurai seeks vengence. Hmm, where have I heared that before. However props for the action + gore. However nothing very new or interesting.

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Aug 27, 2002
4:39 PM EDT
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