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Giri 2: Tomuraigassen (battle of revenge) is on the way.


Not bad.

you lick the sweat of a dead mans balls September 17, 2005

Reviewed by: MrPiNk005

Get some fucking respect. When you make somthing better you have the right to submit a review like this, until then shut your face you ignorant prick.

Not to bad of a movie but you should of put more thought into it. The battle with the last ninjara was off to a good start but after he screamed and kinda became immortal it ruined it. Just a suggestion for GIRI 2. Longer fights and less corny.

you lick the sweat of a dead mans balls

waaay to fuckin cliche you dumb shit. what the fuck you made it all animeish. dumb crap was horrible. throw yourself in a well and rid us of your stupidity.

Pretty Darn Good

To summarize the bajillion other posts; animation rocked, sound could have been better, too quick, not much of a story.
Just some points about the story line that need cleaning up:

While it is true that the Japanese would not have known anything about Christianity (at this time it would have been Shinto and/or Buddhism), the cross makes the grave easier to see.

For those ranting about the "dress" YES samurai wore hakama, but they also wore kimono's, hence the "dress."

The ninja thing was repeated numerous times, won't even go there.

Just for clarification: The shogunate was the system of government. The shogun was the actual person. You can leave the shogunate in their, just don't describe it as a "he," or just switch shoguate with shogun.

All in all, nice piece of work.


wassent all that good the talking was vary cheesy ,animation was well though, you can do better, i think the boss ninja said "why dont you just die" a little too soon in the flash

that was pretty damn cool

i liked that and i dunno whatr the last review was talking about a problem i liked it

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Aug 27, 2002
4:39 PM EDT
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