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Crazy Ship

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Author Comments

The brakes on your ship went out, how long can you survive?

use the left and right arrow keys to steer and space to shoot.

this game was made for a school project. The game was originally written in java. but I ported it, so I could put it on New Grounds, because I actually found it quite fun.

Finally, thanks to Adam Atomic for creating the flixel library and Carf for the background music "DoubleDash".

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This was actually pretty fun! The gameplay was rough, but I'm sure to was meant to be like that

This was actually pretty entertaining. Fun if you're looking to waste a couple of minutes at work or just trying to pass the time at home. The controls were smooth, and the music fit the game nicely. It took timing to be able to shoot the other ships, and it got pretty hard to evade after a while. All in all, a pretty nice game for what it is.

w7y7a7t7t responds:


I think you should impove the game's art

w7y7a7t7t responds:

It's meant to look like that, it's suppose to have an atari feel.

I like it has a nice classic arcade feel too it, not just fly and click you actually have to do some atari style aiming

w7y7a7t7t responds:

thanks! the goal was an atari feel

Was a total ripoff to asteroids and the controls were way to fast