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Erah - OFFICIAL Trailer

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The official trailer for the 2D RPG non-commercial game made by Blue Flame Candle. Written by Benjamin Kuli. The basic game, and all of its downloadable contents (new characters, alternate storylines) will be downloadable free of charge.

Music: Symphony of the Guardians (from the Original Soundtrack)

This 2D epic fantasy role-playing game contains lots of new and unique ideas never seen before. It contains elements from both japanese video games (especially japanese role-playing games) and western video games too, and also has elements from retro/older creations, just like modern, and art games.

The game reveals the story of a fantasy world, Erah, incorporating the stories, characters and elements of different eras in one epic conclusion: learn the secret of the mystical Guardians, know more about the forgotten archs, and make decisions which can change the world. Different playable storylines, with totally different tasks and characters, and high replayability factor.

The gameplay also contains new elements. It has a turn-based battle system, and a unique level-up system, where you decide which skills and weapons you want to upgrade instead of using a class system. Also, you can use item creation with the technology appears during the storyline, or you can also decide to collect as many Guardians as you want. All of the characters appearing during the storyline are different, and you are able to decide who you want to add to your team: all characters added to the team makes differences in the storyline. Also, the day and night affects the gameplay too, as you can encounter different things in your journey in the morning or in the evening.

Erah's world is a living world. Only waiting for you to discover it.

Erah (C) Blue Flame Candle, 2013. All Rights Reserved. Story written and music composed by Benjamin Kuli (me).

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Has it been released already?

can you give a rough release date, or is still too much to do to even give a vague answer ?

Sheodon responds:

To be honest, I don't like to give release dates and rush in making my projects. I like to take my time and create the highest quality I can do. I try to do my best to finish it in this year.

I know RPG Maker when I see it. I think all you've done is retexturize it. oh well. Good luck with your game! :D

Sheodon responds:

Uhm... no. A lot of reprogramming/scripting were implemented in the game, as I'm using VX Ace for this project (the latest version of the maker, so all of the scripts can be rewritten/coded), and it will have elements and features that cannot be seen in any RPG Maker games, nor even in any games. The only reason RMVXA is used is that it has some useful graphic resources. Thanks for the comment, by the way.

Interesting, the way you have your games appearance seems inspired by the older style RPG layout. I see Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Earthbound/Mother all in your RPG's design. For that, you have perked my interest. With the state of RPG's/JRPG's these day's, its refreshing to see someone go back to basics. A well earned 5 stars, a and official site would do well if this turns out to be a massive hit. ^_^

Sheodon responds:

Thank you so much being interested in my project! Indeed, it was inspired graphic-wise by older works, like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and so on, but of course, I also added some new modern elements, some of them are totally unique and never seen before. Thanks for the ratings too, the Blue Flame Candle is working on its own website.

Cool game bro! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Sheodon responds:

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! More information will be revealed soon.