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Sleepy Twilight

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Aw... look at that little sleepy...
Eww, she's drooling.
Someone clean that up.

A short little loop inbetween bigger projects.

[If you listen closely, you can hear her breathing]

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I'm judging this based knowing that it's basically a gif. I like the drawing and tweening detail in the hair. I would say to animate the tail and make the spit fall faster once it leaves her mouth. Good job :).

I'm not a fan of the show by any means, but the animation lacks dynamic movement in places like the tail. The animation kinda dies from the neck down.

So is this a movie or a gif and do they now sleep standing?

Do all ponies sleep standing?

What is up with all these male ADULTS liking my little pony? As far as I remember, it was a children's show. As for this, good draw, too bad its a loop.