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I hate insects! 10 Points

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I really, really hate insects! 25 Points

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I hate these motherfucking insects in this motherfucking game! 50 Points

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Author Comments

Smash annoying insects to dust, get super-killstreaks... what's not to like?
This is a project I made for personal-planner.com that I decided to share with you guys. So... enjoy!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (maniacal evil laugh) so much fun, good graphics, a bit simple but really you're smashing bugs, four stars. A lot of lag for me and games usually don't lag much on my computer, so you lose a star. Other than, simply awesome!

RockLou responds:

Thank you! :D
Hopefully I just fixed the lag. I updated the game, the lag should be reduced atleast.

It works but becomes very boring after the 2000 mark.

RockLou responds:

It's the last part that's the most fun. When the screen almost gets filled by bugs!

Actually, this is not bad at all.

RockLou responds:

Thanks! Don't know what you were expecting, but thank you. :P

Not very neat, but fun. got my stars

RockLou responds:

Didn't try to make it neat, I tried to make it fun. So, I got it right, it seems. Thank you.

This game is intense! It provides a very simple goal for the player: to score as many points within 60+ seconds. What could be better than making a game about swatting flying pests?

There are many factors in this game which get my adrenaline running quickly, such as extending the time limit by 5 seconds every 2,000 points and getting helpful temporary powerups from random killstreaks. These bonuses motivate me to play harder and stretch out a single game as long as possible.

The overall gameplay was short and satisfying. It's a simple arcade-style game that requires pure skill, not repetitive, time-consuming tasks (i.e. experience or money farming) to upgrade the player's performance. I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating, but this is the most genuine fun I've had on Newgrounds for quite some time. The fast-paced action literally raised my heart rate temporarily. I guess you could say this game helps people exercise.

This game could use a few additional features, such as a high score table and possibly a rare insect that gives you a multiplier bonus, say, a giant hornet for example. In real life, they have very strong armor which is described as impenetrable, so they should require multiple hits to squash. This might also make it easier to acquire some of the more difficult medals.

Newgrounds needs more games like this, and you've proved you have the power to give Newgrounds those necessary games.

RockLou responds:

Wow this might be the most in-depth review I've ever gotten. I really appreciate what you said here. My friends have really embraced this game and think it's very addictive and fun. I'm really glad that you felt the same.
Bees and wasps already take more than one hit, although a giant hornet does sound interesting as another insect.
I mentioned in the description that this was made for a website. It will have a highscore list there. I simply removed all that for this version.
Thank you for the warm review! Newgrounds needs more reviewers like you!

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Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2013
6:57 PM EDT
Skill - Collect
  • Daily 5th Place June 5, 2013