Simple Brick Breaker

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Some color would be nice.

I don't like the the bounces off the paddle. It feels too easy to control the way the ball bounces.

It is what it says it is. Though I have to admit, I half expected it to be the opposite. As in it looks like a simple brick breaker at first, but then crazy stuff tries to interfere with your playing like missiles or floating mines. But anyways, this game is exactly what it displays itself as and there are no real complaints from me.

This reminds me of particular tutorial. :D
If I remember correctly, this is the state you get after completing it, and you uploaded it just as it is. That's really not a very good idea. Although you have a playable game of reasonable quality, a tutorial is supposed to teach you the basics and now comes the funny thing about game development: your own ideas. Why don't you draw your own paddle, your own bricks (and more kinds of bricks - e.g. stone ones which breaks after 3 hits or so, "lava" ones which cannot be hit (...)), boosts (duplicated ball, faster ball, longer paddle (...)), scoreboard or better win/lose notices, music (or just sound when a brick breaks).
If you follow a recipe 'How to cook steak', you won't find "put it on a clean plate", "add potatoes", "add ketchup", "grab beer", "use cutlery", but you do it anyway - why not here?

To sum up, the game is good, but also an exact result of a tutorial, whose source code can be as well copied. Add something new, something different, something yours. Then you will even be able to write (a lot!) more in Author Comments. Good Luck. ;)

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1.92 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2013
10:51 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle