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Get the ammo and kill as many enemies as possible.


No instructions, and no real aim.. Not for me, but I can understand others mind find it interesting for a while.

Music is good, nice mix of the tank and racing games, but it's easy to die at times, and the ammo is placed so high on the screen that it's difficult to reload. But there's potential to this game, keep it up. :)

Could really do with a tutorial, or at least some explanation of what you are supposed to do.

At first, I though I had to shoot all the things, or at least as many as I could. Then I realised that I'm maybe just supposed to avoid them and survive for as long as I can. Then I realised that I could move in the second dimension as well, and I went to get the flashing thing at the top. If there is anything else to the game, I wouldn't know, because it doesn't tell you.

And what's with the music as well? Why use a remix of the Tetris theme when the game has nothing to do with Tetris? I would have expected some kind of 8-bit music to make the game feel more retro. All in all, pretty bad, in my opinion.

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1.88 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2013
12:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle