Ambidextrous 3

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Cage Medal 5 Points

pass level 5

Stencyl Jam Medal 5 Points

just because you are playing an Stencyl Jam Submission

Ear Medal 25 Points

Win Level 10

Feet Medal 25 Points

Get the ice land at Level 20

Water Medal 25 Points

Win level 15

Ambidextrous Star Medal 100 Points

Win Level 24

Eye Medal 100 Points

Win Bonus 3

Hairy Medal 100 Points

Win Bonus 1

Wood Medal 100 Points

Win Bonus 2

Author Comments

This is the 3rd episode of Ambidextrous, the Right and Left Hands are back to test how ambidextrous you are, 24 levels of adventures and 3 mini games bonus to play

One of the Hardest games on line, minor players can´t pass level 4
What are you? and Ambidextrous or a Bad Ratter?

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I started this game for the first time 3 years ago and finally completed it. It is the most challenging of your games from this series. I mostly liked the variety of challenges.
But as many people already mentioned its main problems are the controls and mechanics. This is why I had to approach this game... you even wouldn't be able to imagine how many times... The biggest problems:
1. If you are standing next to the wall with the finger pointed towards it and try to jump you will most likely hit/get stucked on some invisible obstacle or stick to the wall for no reason. The same is for the mid-air rotations you are performing close to the wall. When you got unlimited time it is not a big deal, but on those levels with a time limit... I especially hated level 9 because of that issue and almost raged again for another 3 years. Also the mid-air control could be improved.
2. It sometimes happens that you get stucked on some invisible hardness on the ground while trying to move left/right and there is no other way than jump out of that place.
3. You may also stick to the ledges when trying to jump out of them.
There is also one important problem with bonus 3 that left me confused for a longer moment.
What's the problem? You may actually accidentally destroy a spaceship BEFORE it will even enter the screen or on its border and when you do the game DOES NOT count it as destroyed. So you have to make the game a bit harder for yourself by letting all the ships fully enter the screen and count the shots needed to destroy a pack of spaceships. The good thing is that you need only one shot to destroy a triangular one. For everybody that would have problems with this stage: during wave 1 you need to destroy 19 enemies and after wave 2 you need to have a total of 47 enemies destroyed. If you are absolutely sure that none of them escaped the screen and you got less kills than required - then you probably killed some of them out of the screen and the stage will reset.

Nice game

So this was a nice game, the idea of the game was a bit of confusing but seems like a fun idea the graphics are pretty good and the gameplay are really good and fun, so this was a good game, so nice job here no changes needed on this game if anything maybe an initial start of instructions, anyways nice game here.

no changes needed on this game if anything maybe an initial start of instructions


Insane double jumping, walls and corners stucking spoil game mood :(

I'm at level 7. I would really like to play more but the jumping is bugged. BUGGED JUMPING IN GAME WHERE YOU MUST USE ALL OF YOUR SKILLS ?! Thats the huge fail. I died like 20 times on one level 'cuz of these bugs. Goodnight

Great sequel but the jumping mechanics are glitchy and the levels seem to repeat unless you press escape and go back to the level select menu to start the next level manually. Very often you cannot jump off of an ice block when it starts to fall which means in order to finish that stage I had to do S jumps and avoid all ice blocks as it was impossible to time it perfectly without hitting a block above me and falling down into the electricity. Sometimes when jumping if you are just slightly touching the wall your jump will be interrupted I cannot tell you how many times that caused me to die and start the level over again.

Munguia responds:

Thanks MatthewF, i fix the levels bug, now is ok, and you are right the jumping mechanics need an upgrade, working on it, :)

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2013
7:55 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle