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Letting Go (NATA '13)

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"...but, never let them bring you down emotionally. You've got a full life ahead of you"
This is my NATA entry for the Novice Round. I wish I had more time to flesh out more the story, pasing and animation, but c'est la vie. I went a little more experimental with the effects on this piece, to see what I could get away with in Flash. Naturally, it crashed too many times to count.
Oh well, enjoy what I've made.
I suppose it's blatantly obvious that there is a lot of symbolism in this film...


I would've given this four stars or more but... at the end of the short, I didn't feel satisfied. It felt incomplete, like something was missing. It may need some more detail, length... some more insight in the fathers and his daughters story, I suppose.

That music, That video Ohhhhhhhhh i am crying

Nice NATA submission and I also have not heard this song that many times and seems to be a bit hard to work with.

-good animation
-the certain unclear parts were still understandable
-nice art

-certain parts were a bit unclear
-mother and daughter looked a bit too similar(from the pictures)

I know i contradicted myself a bit there.
What I want to know is how the book fell off the seat when it was perfectly on it and nothing touched. Other than that it was a touching film and you did a good job catching some of their emotions, keep it up and hope you get past the novice round to see your in the future submissions.

I like it. It is a father and daughter whom have lived through a couple of mile stones, some happy and some sad. It is a good day. A happy one, but on this pivotal day for them both there is a look back.
Good job.

Very moving, subtext was obvious (for me at least, I'm an old man).

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4.16 / 5.00

May 31, 2013
1:29 AM EDT